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Hi - here's my story. I grew up in Northern CA and was a big Bronco driver, joined the forum and everything. Then I moved to Los Angeles and wanted something a little more refined yet still utilitarian. There's only one car in the world like that: The Land Rover.

First LR owned was an LR3 I bought in 2008. Never upgraded it but just loved it and it was totaled in a hit/run while parked on the street. More damage than what insurance felt it was worth. :serious BS. I didn't want to take on a new loan since the LR4s have skyrocketed in cost and LR3s all have way too much mileage. And i wanted something with character.

Did lots of searching and finally found an awesome DSII for sale for *exactly* what I received from the insurance. It was like a sign. This is everything it came with below and I don't purport to know what all of it is but I understand the gist. The rest of it is why I'm here and will probably be asking questions. Next steps: tint windows, powder coat rims, running boards.

- Rebuilt motor, new oil pumpnew radiator, new ignition/plugs/wires upgraded, new 02 sensors, new throttle deicer, new Crank sensor
- new high amperage battery
- new water pump and hoses
- new front differential & axle shafts
- rebuilt drive shafts with greaseable u joints
- high performance ceramic brakes
- stainless steel extended brake lines
- A/T over sized 32'' tires
- rear airbags
- Terrafirma 2.5'' lift with high performance shocks, medium duty front coils for a softer ride, Terrafirma steering stabilizer
- 3M 1080 flat dark grey Vinyl wrap 2 months old
- LED High performance Headlights and smoked headlights
- Terrafirma front winch bumper with shackles, steering skid plate, 10,000lb wireless remote fully submersible winch with synthetic line


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