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Johnson Rods & 275/65-18's questions

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If using Johnson Rods and 275/65-18's are there any known issues with alignments? I'm thinking of installing a set when we get our LR3. What about ride quality and handling? On our DII with a 2" Terrafirma lift and 265/75-16's the vehicle did drive different. Not quite as stable at highway speeds(75-80 mph).
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Yes, if you run the lift full-time you will need a realignment. Spacers would be a good idea too, but that's another batch of fitment issues. I run 275/65-18 duratracs full-time and only use the rods when off-road. There are a couple minor modifications to the LR3. One 'fix' is move the driver front ride height sensor wire from the side of the frame to the top of frame rail - just need a couple zip ties. @nd is only if you have 3rd row heat and its a little more work, but worth the hour of effort to preserve handling.
How is the ride quality and handling? When you say spacers do you mean wheel spacers or suspension spacers? Any pictures of your LR3?
Is the normal height pic with or without the Johnson rods? Also will the larger 275's fit in the stock spare location?
Will a 275/65-18 fit in the stock spare location?
285-65-18 is the max I would recommend. I prefer 275-65-18 which is less than a half inch smaller but has less rub. Even with my 3.0 lift (I don't sell on the website) the well is just too small for off road use. LR3 Lift Kit - Johnson Rods - Range Rover Sport Lift Kit
So the 275/65-18's will rub with the 2.0 lift during off road use?
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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