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My SD has no jump seats (though it does have a number of options not normally included in this trim package level) I work out of this truck so have it freighted up with tools, and every now and again need to cart a second passanger.

Bought a single jump seat on ebay cheap and am preparing to install it, looks like I need a different trim panel...

Has anybody else done this ? Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated

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My Disco came with the jump seats. I just removed them and the trimming temporarily to get the rear area rhino lined. Not having done it myself, I don't have the foggiest idea of what your paneling looks like or if it's compatible with the seat - maybe the pictures below will give you a clearer picture of what's involved.

If you have a choice, I recommend that you install it on the left side (drivers side in the US), as the fuel inlet makes working on the right side a bit more difficult (mainly some scraped knuckles).

I presume that, in addition to the seat itself, you also got two brackets and both ends of the seat belt.

Unfortunately, I'm on the road and only have pictures of the right side with me, but you get the idea...

Let me know if more pictures would help.

Good luck!
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