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This is my first test post on this site. Yesterday's short trek:

Another great day in the boonies alone - LR Trek number 53 (11 in the Disco). Left Fernley at 6:00 am headed east on I-80. At 6:27 turned off at exit 65, Nightingale-Hot Springs and headed north across Hot Springs Flat. Easy going for about 7 miles on graded road - Just had to watch out for the wash crossings as it hasn't been re-graded since last year at some time.

Turned west and then southwest up a small valley to it's head and a small pass over the top of Fireball Ridge at 5280 feet. At the top of the pass and along the ridge in both directions are a lot of old gold prospects. A cabin and headframes are visible at about 1/2 mile to the north. I head there. One cabin is still standing, one has tumbled intact down the ridge side a bit (intact), a couple of shacks are nothing but rubble and really old wood. Two headframes have seen better days, and there are three very deep, very crumbly vertical shafts. The surrounding acreage is dotted with recent mining claim monuments - mostly posted by AuEx of Reno February 2005. Wonder how he got here in February as there was several feet of snow then?

Headed on over the pass and down into Tolbert Canyon. On both of my maps it shows a road going about seven miles up the canyon towards Juniper Peak. The road does not exist! Not a sign of there ever having been a road at all - and I looked thoroughly. Head back over Fireball Pass and back down towards Hot Springs Flat. About a mile before the Flat Road, I head northwest along some old mine roads on the east side of Fireball. I check out a bunch of side roads - All end at old prospects and I have to backtrack several times. A lot of fun though. Eventually I cross another pass and descend int North Valley.

North Valley runs southwest-north east. Along the valley run two high tension power lines and a natural gas pipeline. A rough road follows the pipeline back to Nixion and the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation - BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. So I decide to follow the poleline road easterly and head towards some very white quarries about six miles away.

Now it gets fun. This poleline road doesn't seem to have been driven on for many years and keeps disappearing on me. As polelines go dead straight regardless of the terrain - the road when I can find it zig-zags down into wash bottoms, up ridges, across sand flats, along ridgers and washes. Several times I have to stop and look for a trail on foot and other times just make my own road along what I think is a logical course until I find a sign of a road again. The going is very tough - Most of the next five miles is in low range, 1st or 2nd gear, diff locked and gunning it across sandy spots. Don't even want to get stuck! Eventually I intersect the graded road that runs northerly to the quarries.

It's about four miles of easy going to the quarries. DANGER - OPEN PIT MINES - NO TRESPASSING - NO ENTRY WITHOUT PERMISSION OF CELITE MINING COMPANY. Oh well, my story will be, "I was just passing through on my way to - - - " Finally reach the quarry; It covers a couple hundred acres, a slot about 100 feet deep maybe a mile long that encircles a basalt capped knob. It's a huge deposit of diatomite - A good place to look for fossils.

I spend maybe 45 minutes there - No fossils, hot due to the glare off of the white rock, and a momma hawk that continuously screeches, circles me and dive bombs every so often. She's got a nest on the cliff side about seventy feet up (easy to see it - dark twigs agains the stark white).

Finally I take the easy hawl road back to highway 80 and then back to Fernley. Total trek = 80 miles (40 in the dirt). Total travel time about 4 1/2 hours. Sorry - no pictures - forgot my camera in Rocklin. - - BTW: The mormon crickets that were in St Anthony mine Canyon a few weeks ago have now made it to Brady's Hot Springs - Tho' not as thick. I hope they don't get to Fernley. :wave:
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