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Just did Trans fluid and Filter at 89,400

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My 2005 has 89,400 miles on it. I took it to a few places in LA and some of the LR shops did not want to do this job due to the mileage, only Aamco or Inland Rovers in Riverside, CA. said no big deal. My Rover trans has no issues shifting smoothly. But it was time for this job.

My Rover being from NY had lots of rusted bolts that gave them a real difficult time, some broke and had to be cut off. Adding an extra hr of labour. This job was a real PITA. And new bolts had to be ordered. Jacking up the transfer case and engine.

The trans fluid did not look that bad, it did not have a burnt smell, also no metal particles on magnets on filter pan. Over all at almost 90k the fluid was good.

New plastic pan with filter, new updated plastic wire harnes plug, fresh Lifeguard trans fluid done.

I have not driven it yet so I am not sure how it's going to react. But I will keep you all posted.
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Drove it on highway and in LA traffic. Have not noticed any difference yet on trans shifting. I guess certain trans have issues or leaks due to just having them. At the end of it all, its worth going in there to check and see in what shape your transmission is by doing this fluid change, pan and filter.

On another note I should have had that fluid tested just to see its actual condition. Maybe that fluid does go for 10 years or 100K miles If your Trans is shifting well.

Yeah - did my '06 rrs at ammco at 70k miles . Old fluid was ok - but sleeve leaking - so with new fluid I figure I'm good for the next 70k
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