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Just had another Land Rover day

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Hello all from Adam in NYC

Just had another Land Rover day.

I was returning from eating out in Lower Manhattan Thursday and was on the way to work; was also dropping off a friend. It was a perfect evening in New York City in a cool evening , great for driving with the windows open.

Then the sunroof broke. :confused Seems the prior owner did not buy the factory sunroof but dropped in a Webasto sunroof (looks German) and the driver side regulator broke by siezing. Opened the window, the window twisted in the frame and only opened a crack.

Okay. :confused

Went to work in the Bronx, and for once my unreliable coworkers and the mercuric New York weather cooperated with me. First thing first just before and just after work I got out the tools, took apart the fascia (twenty screws and little pieces of coverplastic) and headed to the local parts bin called Hunts Point. Dozens of auto shops with every conceivable part, but only three or four glass shops actually repair power windows.

One shop owner flat out and stated in a midst of cracking the concrete of their shop full of cars and in one breath, "No we don't fix the window but we can replace it for $920.00". I dunno about that but the window alone is maybe $100.00. Just me but is there a tatoo on my forehead that states I am a sucker?

Anyhoo, I finally drive down the main drag out in the Point, stopped at two other glass places, one with a great ramp with 60 degree angle which I had a quick fun time going down (they thought only their tow trucks with dualies could take it but they never saw a Disco do it with ease).

Finally got pointed to a little glass shop out in the North Bronx. I was nice to meet a competant old-timer would knew exactly what went wrong, got a working replacement regulator that fitted exactly on the window , and got everything working inside a hour and for a modest amount (about $140).

I is happy now and now the window is working better than before.

Now you ask, you could have done it yourself, but I am unfortunately one of those urban cliff dwellers with no garage and the wisdom of not working on the street in front of a police precinct and every prospective thief who wants to take inventory of every open window, door , and bonnet. I also got that fancy interior with the bright leather and the woodtrim that hates the rain. Had to do it without the plastic bag and the duct tape routine.

Anyhoo, just got out of doing some mandatory overtime thanks to one of my "reliable" coworkers and just you know it.

The magic of Land Rover strikes again , for the better.

Right next to the job , the kids at the local school had a car wash. They called me over and I said why not. The Landy deserved a decent cleaning.

Had to show the kids how to handle a big truck washing. They even broke out a 10 foot ladder for washing the top. For once in a long while, I got wet in my FDNY*EMS uniform and had some fun and the kids did a great job. They had a great time having fun in the summer heat and doing the car wash for a good cause.

Got back to the block and then I see a good friend taking a rare stroll after fighting cancer. Pulled over and got his attention. One thing about a Land Rover, everybody loves the style and the caresma(sic). I got him in and took him for a tour of a nieghborhood , what the heck, had the window fixed, did a double, got the D1 washed by happy kids, got to hang out with a old friend.

Got some fresh Italian bread at the distant bakery, offered some cafe (coffee), and then back to the Ranch. My friend just loved the door to door service. Put the D1 to rest and went to bed.

Time to recharge. Life is good. ;)

Adam in NYC :drive:
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You didn't drive through Harlem then? :D
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