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Just moved to western PA, seeking Club

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Congratulations! Ya'll have put together a great site! :clap

Just moved from Colorado & would love to find a Club, prefer 'Land Rover', but '4WD' would due.

Unfortunitly I have not had allot of luck searching the Internet. It seems the local 'LR' club's sites are not up or extremly outdated. I have sent emails to them when available but have had not replies.

Does anyone know of a club in the Pittsburgh Area? My son who is 11 also loves to attend so family friendly is prefferred.

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get in touch with Garrett at, he's a great guy
u2ra_winner said:
THX John,

I sent an email as suggested. I also reviewd 'teamrover'. What a great organization. Being a retired executive and a Rover addict I would love to have a business like that.

Meanwhile I will await 'Garrett's" reply.

If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know

No problem, I'll email him and let him know you are in the area. Sven (who is on this BB) is also in western PA.

BTW, Garrett is a great source for parts, so if you need anything just ask him.

We do some wheelin' in eastern PA (Rausch Creek, Paragon, etc) so maybe we can meet up one day. I also have kids (14 and 16) so does my wheelin' buddy (5 and 8). We are very family friendly.

Good luck,
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