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Just moved to western PA, seeking Club

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Congratulations! Ya'll have put together a great site! :clap

Just moved from Colorado & would love to find a Club, prefer 'Land Rover', but '4WD' would due.

Unfortunitly I have not had allot of luck searching the Internet. It seems the local 'LR' club's sites are not up or extremly outdated. I have sent emails to them when available but have had not replies.

Does anyone know of a club in the Pittsburgh Area? My son who is 11 also loves to attend so family friendly is prefferred.

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Local Pittsburgh Rover Club wanted

THX John,

I sent an email as suggested. I also reviewd 'teamrover'. What a great organization. Being a retired executive and a Rover addict I would love to have a business like that.

Meanwhile I will await 'Garrett's" reply.

If anyone else has any suggestions please let me know

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