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Just purchased, soft dash LWB.

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Just pick this up from Steve and its a decent LWB. I found a bunch of problems from a power steering leak to a brake caliper leaking. Also a lot of rust under carpet, but not on the wheel wheels in the front where I expected it to be. The rear wheel wells are bad. Not the biggest fan of the 95 soft dash but it seems to be well made and I like the set up. I cant decide what to do, I have been doing a frame-off restore on my 1994 LWB and I bought this for parts, but now I have mixed thoughts. I may just continue the restore of the old one and drive this 95 until it gets to be a maintenance whore. There are a lot of parts I can use between the 2 trucks. What are other peoples opinions on the soft dash? I know a lot of people dislike it, but it is a clean look as well. The 95 runs pretty damn good for having 232 thousand miles. It feels like it can keep going too.
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Me personally, I like the '93/'94 dash. Remember that what a rover "feels" it can do is totally different than what it can "actually " do... My opinion, keep the 95 for parts because you know exactly what's going on with your 94 and trust me in the long run you'll thank me. Also if not a fan of the 95 dash now, you'll never get used to it.

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Range Rovers are supposed to have a Range Rover dash, not a second hand Disco dash to please the airbag loving safety Nazis.

Besides its rusty, use it for parts.
There are definitely a lot of parts that will interchange between a 94 and 95 but there are also an awful lot that won't because of the changes made to the 95.

On the engine, the serpentine belt setup renders most everything forward of the timing cover including the alternator and PS pump a no-go. Coolant lines for the heater core are different too (even on the 95 when it's early production versus later production)

Similarly a lot of the interior pieces for HVAC, fan, dashboard, electrical controls, ignition switch, etc are all different. Interior colors are different too (assuming you don't have a black interior).

The "structural" mechanical and body items are the same but the fiddly bits that wear out/break are where you may have to do modifications or other adapting to make a '95 part fit the '94. For example, the TPS sensor is different from 94 to 95. One has flat blade plug the other is round (I forget which is which) and I am not sure whether anyone has ohm'd out one for the other to match the wiring if you wanted to splice them.

I've always preferred the soft dash and only owned those models but to each their own. Neither is "wrong" in or of itself. I am always looking for '95 RRCs as parts/spare trucks and have since my first one when I lived in CT and still do here in FL.
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I had a 3.9 serpentine engine in my '93 LWB for a LONG time.

Not that big a deal, but with those miles, ship it to me!
What do you mean ship it to you?

I have concluded that I am going to just keep running the 1995 as long as I can, without sinking too much into it. In the meantime I am going to keep restoring the body of the 1994 with all of the body panels removed, roof, etc. I want that steel prepped primed and painted nice. Maybe strengthen and prevent the metal in the rear wheel wells so that they do not rust in the future. The front wheel wells need a lot of attention as well, and also the front floor pans. All of the body panels from the 1995 are pretty mint so if I can manage to keep them nice, I can transfer the ones I like to the old body. I have 2 great headliners on my hands, somehow...
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