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K & N air filter info

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Just some info to piggy-back on last weeks discussion of K&N filters. I just put mine in 10 days ago. Got a dash light yesterday afternoon,,, took it in to have the codes read and,,,, guess what? Mass air. Go figure. Now I realize that I'm due anyway,,, but the timing certainly is suspect.
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01001010 said:
I should have probably mentioned this earlier. Before putting the filter in, one should unplug the bat for 1/2 hour. With the bat unplugged, put the filter in, reconnect bat, and turn the truck on. I'll have an explination for this later, unless someone else will take over for at work now.
The same with my last car. Had to disconnect the bat/negative battery terminal for approx 1/2 hour prior to install to kill the memory, and disconnect the MAF prior to install as well.

It will have to relearn several things after the install, A/F mapping, etc. Best to let it idle for 10 minutes after you install the K&N.
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