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Rover Dog is very proud to announce the Official Release of KAM gears in the USA. You may ask yourself, Why is this so important to the Land Rover community? Well, we have 8 game changing reasons that are sure to change your mind.

1) Reverse cut fronts!

2) The same price for standard and reverse cut gears!

3) (4.10) and (4.75) gears for you P-38 Lovers!

4) Not 1, not 2, but 3 choices of classic Rover gear ratios for you! (3.8) (4.10) (4.75)

5) Dyno static tested by Land Rover Engineers to be stronger then stock, (3.8) 70% (4.10) 25% (4.75) 50%

6) Each gear set is matched and lapped-in by a Gleeson lapping-in machine for optimum set up

7) All gear set are made from certified steels, dedicated drop forgings and carefully controlled heat treatments.

8) Best of all they are only $328 a set!

We at Lucky 8 are striving to be your first choice for Land Rover drive train. Let us know what we can do to earn your business

for more info Lucky8 Llc. - Take the road less traveled...

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Good deal Justin thanks for bringing us more choices in the gear game.

For those that don't know Justin he's a great stand up guy with quick shipping even to those of us stuck on the other side of the planet:D
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