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Hi there!
I’m seeing Several threads where people are claiming to have successfully programmed a Land Rover & or, Freelander new fob/key, using the Autel AP200.
And so, myself, having somewhat recently lost my only key to my 2005 LR3 (“I” didn’t actually lose it) and after paying a cool & reasonable $400 for a new key (that’s just for the cut, btw) from the dealership, I naturally opted to try & possibly/hopefully avoid paying the other additional programming fee of $380😳 for the programming of the key. Not that the price isn’t well beyond a fair & a reasonable one! But for…..other reasons.
Anyways, after failing in every way conceivable. at cheating the dealer man, I swallowed my pride & called the dealer man, and informed them I’d be needing a good program job, asap! And it was at that moment that I learned that “We no longer program keys for vehicles that old.” (2005!!…🤔…TF?)
And so, I thought my night are was over, when I discovered many different threads discussing how they’d diy via “Autel AP200” and so I ordered one via ebay, and been trying to program this; dealer issued, laser cut, and supposedly direct from good ole Great Britain (…coughUHHBULLSH*T!cough) brand new, never before programmed, virgin key fob/key, clearly tho, to no avail!!
Can someone PLEASE instruct me on how they did so with theirs? I cannot express in words, as to how utterly grateful I would be, if that were to happen!
Also…is it even possible to do an
“All Keys Lost” on a ‘05 LR3 using the AP200?
Thank you, for your replies in advance! Regardless of their content! I appreciate the fact you took the time to respond, a great deal! Someone please help!! (Lol) (but not really lol)
Watch this YouTube video


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