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:wave: Hello Hello, just joined the forum. Bit posh here ain't it. Anyway I'll be "in" most nites.

I run the site at Kirton Lindsey home of Global Pursuits. Been a fair bit in LRO etc about us lately, top 10 off road drives in the UK. We came 9th but were the only site in the top 10, not bad for first year :buttrock: What I'd like to know is what makes a good off road site an awsome off road site ? Is it big hills, mud, water, axle twisters, what what what ? We have over 500 Acres but want to make it more appealing, so what would you put in ?

By the way if anyone from the forum fancys poping over for our next event (sunday 31st Oct) let me know that you've read about it here and I'll knock a fiver off your first visit. More details at
Hope to speak to you soon.
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