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KN Filter maint.

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K&N says filter good for 100k (street use),,,earlier maint when used off-road. Anyone have a suggestion on how often they svc their K&N filter based on heavy off-road use ?
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I've got a K&N in mine just now but I've always been a big fan of "Green Cotton Filters" Thats what I've got in my MG and its been great..

To be honest they are both the same really. I dont get hung up on cleaning scheds, I just clean it when ever I remeber to.. Probably once every couple of months.

Out in the desert we were having to clean the OE paper filters every 30 miles or so.. At the end of every trip anywhere in the sand you could seriously feel the drop in power. It was just a case of taking it out and banging it against the tyre.

Its so easy to clean a K&N you way as well do it after every off road trip :drive:

On the oil filter side of things. I heard that wet filters as used in the series 3s and AFV 432 (Armoured Personel Carriers) were far easier in the dry and dusty environments to keep going.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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