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Hi all,

I bought a 2004 L322 a while back. In general it's been great other than a few expected maintenance requirements. It's my daily driver as well as weekend warrior rig!

Now the days are drawing in I'm driving at night more and I noticed my dipped beam is pretty much non existent. They light up but never ignite to go bright (xenon bulbs). Before I look at replacing bulbs, ballasts or igniters I checked the cabling and found a previous owner has done some peculiar wiring.

On top of the engine under the land rover cover I have a cable that leads from a relay to nowhere. The cables switch from red to black. I'll attach some pictures. Without a friend's rig to compare to it's difficult to understand what should be happening here so I'm calling out to see if anyone with a BMW engine L322 can guide me to what has happened here/ what needs to be rewired.

You'll see that the cable starts (red) in the relay then is joined to a black cable and goes nowhere! The other starts yellow, joined to a black and disappears into the lighting cluster. Possibly side light or indicator.

All lights work except my dipped beam is very ineffective. Is this linked?

Thanks for your help.

L322 2004. HSE

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