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Land Rover Defender to Make US Return in 2019

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Land Rover is reinventing one of its most iconic models and plotting its return to the U.S.

Arriving in time for the Defender’s 70th anniversary in 2018, the British automaker will recreate its legendary SUV for the first time since 1948. According to a report from Automobile, the Land Rover Defender range will become a go-anywhere luxury model with tough styling that will be offered in at least five body types including a two-door, short-wheelbase model featuring a metal top or soft top while a four-door, long wheelbase will be available only with a metal top. The company will also add a two-door pickup with a short wheelbase and a four-door pickup with a long wheelbase.
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I'm still not convinced the live axle will actually be part of the next Defender. I know Jeep's still doing it with the Wrangler, but it seems out of step with Land Rover's apparent desire to move the model upmarket as a lifestyle vehicle. But I could be wrong.
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