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Land Rover Discovery II Fuse Box Integrated Relay Repair Click Link to view guide.

History: I recently experienced an issue where none of my door locks were responding to any electronic un-lock commands. With the key I was able to unlock the driver’s door only. All locking commands worked normally. While troubleshooting the issue I could hear a relay click in the passenger compartment fuse box P/N YQE000251G (03’-04’) YQE000410G (99’-02’).

After reading numerous online forums and reviewing RAVE it was the consensus that the only option was to replace the fuse box. This post in particular helped to confirm .

I verified that there were no super-locking or anti-theft issues. As an added note if you do super-lock the doors while experiencing a relay / fuse box failure you will not be able to unlock or open doors, as no electronic signal can be sent to reverse the super-lock motors. This will create a very frustrating situation as some reading up on super lock nightmares will illustrate.

Not being entirely satisfied or convinced the only solution was the purchase of a new interior fuse box ($425.00) or to find a working salvage part with the gamble it would experience the same fate. I began to examine the RAVE electrical schematics and dissect the fuse box looking for a solution.

Symptoms: All door locks do not respond to command for unlock or lock from central lock in dash switch, exterior door key switch or remote key FOB. This issue will affect all locks simultaneously.

Explanation: The electronic door lock system for the Land Rover Discovery II utilizes (3) NEC EN2-B3N3ST integrated relays to control the lock / unlock function. The NEC EN2-B3N3ST relay is actually 2 relays in a single enclosure for a total of 6 relay controls.

These relays are integrated into the Fuse Box circuit board and are non-serviceable. Failure of any of the 6 relays normally requires complete replacement of the passenger compartment fuse box.

The NEC EN2-B3N3ST relay is a discontinued component. NEC no longer manufactures this component and there is no cross referenced part available that is a direct replacement.

Solution: My solution was to re-engineer the electronic circuit to utilize an exterior mounted and serviceable relay to repair the internal fuse box and restore circuit functionality.

PDF guide is to large to upload here. Please select link above to view.


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