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Land Rover Discovery II - $ 4,300.00

New Front and Rear - Thrust Bolted 3rd Members ARB Air Lockers w/ 4.71 Gears
Never Installed, the 3rd Members and gears were built by Great Basin Rovers.

ARB Air Locking Differential Carrier -- Part No. RD128
Rover 24 spline both Front & Rear

GBR 4.71 Rear -Extreme Duty - Part No. GBR471FS3 & GBR471RS3
7 X 33 Tooth Count

ARB Compressor
ARB Solenoid Valves
ARB Actuator Rocker Switches
Actuator Switch Covers (Compressor, Front Air Locker, and Rear Air Locker)
ARB Air Locker Airline

** Cash Only **

Phoenix, AZ


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