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undefinedNew Times Roman Hello everyone, I am new on Rover Forums. I am located in St. Louis, Missouri
I am wanting to sell my:
Land Rover Discovery, 96' 85000 miles, Hunter Green Exterior/Tan Interior
Dual Power Moonroof, dual air condition, Jump Seats, 5 doors
Power Seats, Power Mirrors, Leather Seats,
Brand New Tires+ a good set of used extra muddin' tires,
New Stereo System W/ New Speakers
Excellent Running Condition
Luggage Rack
Clear Title

I'm sure I am missing something up there, just email me with any questions and I will return reply as soon as I am able to.
I am asking $8500 for Ricky Rover, if you live out of town or out of state, you must pay for your own shipping.

I work 30 miles away which makes it 60 total for one day. As much as I dislike getting rid of my ""Ricky Rover"" I must do so. I am in search of a vehicle that gets better gas mileage. My Rover has been a wonderful driving companion as well as an adventurer. It is handsome, sturdy, strong, as well, it is as an older, distinguished and even wise Rover. I have kept all of its maintenance up to date. There are no mechanical problems, the exterior does have a few minor scrapes from mudding, (sorry about that one, I couldn't resist the fun). Please know that although I did take Ricky Rover on a few fun rides on the rump, I have kept it clean and neat. I work as a professional in the law industry, therefore, I could not drive up in a tattered vehicle. It is clean inside and out. Thanks to all of you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.

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