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Land Rover expedition book - From Border to Border

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Hey Land Rover fans,

As the owner of two Series Land Rovers and a Discovery I know how a love affair with the green oval is thrilling, messy, and may not make sense to others. I just published a book about a trans-continental expedition I undertook to celebrate Land Rover’s 50th anniversary. This expedition featured every type of Land Rover, from Series One to Range Rover. Click here for a link to my book page and below is a synopsis of the book. Happy reading!
-Peter Soutowood

Starting an expedition requires planning, faith, and ignorance. When I set off on a trans-continental expedition in a vintage Land Rover I was strong on the second two.

For Land Rover’s 50th anniversary in 1998 I joined a group of fifty people from all over North America to travel off-road from Canada to Mexico. Acting as my co-drivers were my brother, father, and girlfriend, in order of declining mechanical ability and increasing attractiveness. Our caravan was populated by mismatched lovers, computer geeks, crusty mountain men, and white-haired academics, yet all shared a passion for rugged trucks and some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes.

From the wind-blasted bleakery of central Canada to the rocky playground of Moab, brake failure on a New Mexico hill to a harrowing drive up a flooding river, my journey hit incredible highs and lows before my luck finally ran out on the return home.
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