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Hello Good People,

I bought this item to have my iPod audio play from through the factory radio in my D2. The D2 was sold before this could be installed. Item is brand new and has never been used.

Here are the specs below

Land Rover Freelander and Discovery*iPod adapter interface for iPod iPhone CTALRIPOD003.2
This Land Rover iPod*adapter interface allows you to connect an iPod or*iPhone to pre 2003 Land Rover Freelander and Discovery car stereo models listed below. Enjoy all of your iPod or iPhone music whilst on the move in your car. This Land Rover iPod adapter*provides full iPod quality sound and also keeps your iPod or iPhone charged. It is also possible to control the iPod from the head-unit or steering wheel controls (where applicable).

This*item is provided with 2 years*manufacturer's warranty.
Land Rover iPod*adapter interface CTALRIPOD003.2 features
• iPod interface connects via*CD changer connection at rear of stereo. Please see image and ensure your stereo has this connector.
• Compatible with pre 2003 Land Rover Freelander and Discovery with*BP9262, 22DC597 C42 factory fitted radios by Blaupunkt or VDO.
• Provides iPod connector which*plugs into bottom of iPod or iPhone.
• Charges iPod or iPhone (both older 12v models and newer 5v models).
• Provides some control of iPod from stereo (or stalk remote controls where available).
• Provides full iPod CD quality sound, far superior than cheap plug-in FM transmitters.
• Very easy 'plug n play' installation.
• Connects2 part number - CTALRIPOD003.2
• iPod not included
• 2 years warranty

Land Rover*iPod*adapter interface CTALRIPOD003.2 compatibility
This Land Rover iPod adapter is compatible with the following:
• Land Rover Freelander pre 2003*with*BP9262, 22DC597 C42*head-units by Blaupunkt or VDO.
• Land Rover Discovery pre 2003*with*BP9262, 22DC597 C42*head-units by Blaupunkt or VDO.

Asking $55.00 OBO

Thank for looking :)


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