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I thought I’d try my hand at an Xmas special, Land Rover based film. My mates and I are doing a charity event in August 2014 so what I've tried to do is put a comedy touch to Green Laning. Hopefully putting a humorous spin to my chosen pastime and to push this charity event.

I thought Gangham style was apt because like the old Land Rover it’s a bit last year but still got a few miles left in the tank!!

You will need to watch it to the end to see what I mean or if you get bored with the Land Rovers, skip straight to about 1.30. Most of the comedy happens later on to encourage you to watch it through!

I really want to try and make this one go viral so if you enjoy it please could you share it by email, facebook and Twitter? Wherever you can to help publicise this video and the charity event.

Anyway, enough sales pitching from me, hope you guys enjoy this! I feel a Roger the Rambler series coming on……..

Landy Style, Land Rover Parody of Gangham Style ft Lowrangers 4x4 Club & Roger the Mad Rambler - YouTube

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Landy Style, Land Rover Parody of PSY Gangnam Style ft Lowrangers 4x4 Club & Roger the Mad Rambler - YouTube

I can only assume someone posted the video link on a walkers website or something because from Christmas day I started to get what I’d describe as complaint emails. 9 in total, not including the wind up one’s from my ‘mates’ when they heard I was getting hassle. I thought I’d share the pick of the bunch. I'll just say my three favourites went on a bit so I have deleted some paragraphs completely and edited out their original email addresses. Other than that they are as they were sent!

From: David Renfield [***]
Sent: 25 December 2013 17:36
To: Lowrangers2012
Subject: Disgraceful Portrayal

I felt the need to tell you how annoyed I was at your portrayal of what a rambler is.

Putting aside the ridiculous clothes and your silly narrative I was particularly cross that you portrayed ramblers as bad tempered and threatening towards children.

If I ever run into your childish group on a lane I will give you a piece of my mind and show you what a real walker is made of.
(Lets hope it's not a large piece of his mind he is giving away. Doesn't seem to have too much to spare)

From: The Eric [***]
Sent: 26 December 2013 19:01
To: Lowrangers2012
Subject: Walker Refusing Access to 4x4

The depiction of 'Roger the Rambler' in your silly dance parody boiled my blood. Clearly you know nothing about walking.

You and your polluting foul mouthed kind should be banned from the countryside.

I intend to complain to YouTube with regard to this defamatory video.

I suspect the police will also be interested to see children driving a vehicle on a country lane. We shall see how funny your video is once they have dealt with you.

Country lanes are not for 4x4 vehicles and you would do well to remember that.
(This guy actually thinks my 5 year old daughter was driving my 110 on a public highway)

From: xxxdixon [***]
Sent: 26 December 2013 22:14
To: Lowrangers2012
Subject: You are a Disgrace

There is simply no way those council house children would be able to overcome any adult walker.

Those horrible looking brats should all be in a reformed school and you should not be allowed to be a parent for encouraging such disgusting behaviour.

Pathetic video and a waste of my time.
(Mmmm!!! That's my kids you cheeky git. OK, after Xmas they are irritating me as well and in fairness the youngest (kicking me in the head) may well do prison time later in life but what a wanker)
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