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hi and stuff never owning one before im looking at making the step with a s1 discovery with the intentions of a weekend fun/dailyish i have a car to do my daily comutes in already but this will be more of a project and i have a few goals id like to acheive with this planned vehicle

number one capable enough to hang with mates and dads lifted and locked patrols

im leaning towards something turbo diesel as v8 rego in australia is rather expensive and i dont earn a terible amount so a turbo diesel works out way cheaper in the long run

i want to eliminate the weakness's in the drive line as i want to do bigger trips and have no worries breaking things when im on the other side of australia

lockers will be a must but i feel air lockers will be more then i require might consider it later on for the front but rear i would much prefer a mechanical

i have a old warn whinch i plan on buiolding a bar for aswell as sliders and a rear bar with a swing away spare holder(will probably try to fit 2 spares)

make the suspension work

i would really like to go with some 35 inch tires for this rig (again i plan to be as capable as my friends in their rigs and a 35 inch tire is a bit of a deal breaker for me)

keep it as low slung as posable and still maintain plenty of clearance

not scared of the welder too so any links to mods or build logs with heavily upgraded touring/adventure rigs would be very handy and yes i have been googling and the more i have read the more i feel like i want to embark on building a turbo diesel disco

by the way im michael lol
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