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Found this in the San Jose Mercury News.... well actually my gilrfriend :boobies: found it.

New Rovers come over

By Matt Nauman

Mercury News

RUTHERFORD - When Matthew Taylor looks ahead to substantial changes coming to Land Rover's lineup of sport-utilities in the next few months, he thinks back to one of his first days with the company in 2000.

His secretary brought in a big pile of letters, and the first one he read was a three-page screed criticizing Land Rover in general and a troublesome 1995 Discovery SUV in particular.

``After reading this and looking for the shotgun in my drawer and trying to understand why on Earth I persuaded Ford to spend $3 billion on this company, I came to the last paragraph,'' said Taylor, now managing director of the company.

The writer said he had just traded in that vehicle for a new Land Rover Discovery.
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