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I've now amassed around 20 diecast ones, running from Dinky, Corgi, through to Lledo and Britains. Any one else out there collect them?

Piccie shows one of my favourite ones, a limited edition Rover company LWB and Trailer by Corgi. :drive:

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That's a nice one Roy.

I've only got some Pewters & the 1/18th 110CSW (in Coniston Green)

Oh & some Trevor Mitchell prints.
I've got;
Veterans Day Out
Home Shep
and the name of the 3rd escapes me at the moment (but it's a Series 1)

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Don't forget Matchbox/Hotweels

I've got loads of Matchbox and Hotwheels Land Rovers. One is a "Superfast" green-blue Disco that looks exacly like my Disco in real life: colour, trim, etc.

Here's what I have:
Discovery II Superfast
Discovery II "Storm Tracker" Livery
Discovery II "G4 Challenge" Livery
Discovery II "Coast Guard" Livery
2009 Range Rover Sport Supercharged, tan
2009 Range Rover Sport Supercharged, black
2009 Range Rover Sport Supercharged "60yrs of Land Rover" Livery
Defender SVX "Coast Guard" Livery
Defender SVX, matte green
1997 Defender 110, white
1989 Defender Nintey,"Red Valley Camp" Livery

Hot Wheels
Range Rover Classic

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6 years....

That must be a zombie thread record
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