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Landrover LR2 Class Action Suit

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Finally we may all get relief and I figured if I came to this forum I could get the word out since I thought I was the only one suffering with this problem with my LR2 which we bought in 2009

A filing was made in the courts for approval of a class action suit regarding what all of us LR2 owners have experienced.....the dreaded constant battery drain. I don't know about most of you, but I gave up on Landrover to fix it and I just have jumper cables in my car if it is going to be parked more than two nights....tired of replacing the battery and trying all the "fixes" The firm filing the suit is listed in the article.

Jaguar Hit With $5M Battery Defect Class Action Lawsuit
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Thank you for the post !! I am so fed up, $278.00 battery less than 6 months old , dead as I type. Not to mention the howling/grinding noise coming from the rear when I make an accelerated ! Bad design , rear differential and battery drain. I have to get rid of this thing.
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