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Alright team, in addition to scouring the Rave Manual, I've looked at many of the previous posts on this matter and have concluded that I need your help: My tail door is stuck closed and I need to get it open to fix the latch mechanism. Any LR voodoo out there that you're willing to share?

I know that the exterior handle is prone to sticking and requires periodic applications of lubricant. Done. I even took it up a notch and removed it to work on it more intimately. It now moves freely and springs back to position smoothly.

The big problem is that even from the inside, with direct access to the door latch mechanism, I still can't get the door open. Here's the view of the mechanism (shown with the exterior handle removed).

Both the key fob and center console door lock button work - the lock button pops up and down freely. The door lock also can be manually operated from the inside. mp4 file of lock

I know from previous posts that it's likely that the sticky outside handle caused the latch to "close in the open position", wreaking havoc on the mechanism.

But I can't open the door to fix it.



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