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leak in the tailgate door

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Hello all. I gave the new to me `04 Discovery II its first bath today and noticed water got past the rear tailgate door. All the rubber gaskets/seals and such appear to be in place. There were droplets on the inside of the tailgate window and the rear section of the rubber mat was wet so a fair amount of water got through. Is this a common problem that I simply need to live with or is there perhaps an issue to diagnose and correct?
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It seems to be a common issue. I got the same problem. But, just don't pay attention to it. Yes, It would be nice to fix it! Rain season is coming soon!
Thanks Miami. LR must have planned for leaks; I removed the tailgate inner panel last weekend and I was surprised to see the plastic "membrane" attached to the door. My guess is this is what prevents moisture from getting inside the door if/when there is a leak. Those clever Brits. Now, if they could have designed it so it wouldn't leak in the first place...!
Check the gutters and the body at the corner around the door opening
Good idea, thank you. The next time I wash it I will be a little more strategic in an attempt to find the area where it's leaking.
Another trick you can try is shooting compressed air from inside the vehicle and watching for leaks with soapy water on the exterior
Its really simple to resolve this issue, the Water comes from (lack of Maintenance)

#1 ) Clean the Rear Gasket Seal and Painted Body where the Seal comes in contact with, using a Terry Cloth Towel like a Wash Cloth and Warm Soapy Water. Simply cleaning the old residue off the seal allows the seal to make full contact with the painted surface of the rear door. (lack of Maintenance)

#2 ) Re-Adjust the Rear Door Striker Plate so the Rear door Pulls Tighter against the Seal.

You will know when you have this problem when you see the white streaks on the 3rd Black Plastic Brake Cover attached to the 5th door below the Top of the Door Seal. Also you will see corrosion on the D-Ring Tie Downs on the Carpet on the Floor.

Hope this helps in some way. Bill
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