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Leaking rear door.

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I have had my 1999 3dr hardback for just over 6 months now and although i think it's great, there is a leak in the back somewhere that seems to be getting worse. It is now at the point that after heavy rain(which is not uncommon on the South coast!) there's a pool of water in the boot security box. I've spent over £200 on 2 new seals and am fast running out of money and ideas! I do like water features, but when they are starting to make my car smell rather mouldy I have to draw the line!!! I've talked to a view dealers who said it's not uncommon, and changing these seals would solve it, but when I informed them that they've taken my money but the problems still there, they ran out of ideas! PLEASE can anyone help me cause my kids complain about the smell each time they get in the car.
Look forward to any help. Jase.
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Jason, what you need to do is diagnose the problem.

I doubt they did anything and just threw in a seal.

What you need to do is test it with a hose to see where the water intrusion is.

Start in the front and leave the water on it for a while and then work your way back to the back. Finally spraying water directly on the door. It will give you an idea of where to start. IF your still not sure or narrowed it down to say the front then take off the headliner and spray it again to see exactly where the leak is coming from. Does it have a sun roof. because they have four drains two in the front and two in the back.
you might try readjusting the door if possible.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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