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Well my Disco looked great in the Showroom, but now that she is home without a garage or Showroom floor, I have discovered water coming thru the left/back corner of the rear SunRoof/MoonRoof.

Are there drains that get plugged or ?? When I checked out the top, it appeared that the sunroof glass has some give on the corner where the leak appeared to be coming from. Have others added sealing compound to the rubber gasket or ?? Or is there an adjust to make the roof close tighter ??

Beyond this is... my 6 Disk CD player sounds like it is loading but keeps showing ERR on the display. Not sure if this is a common problem that seen by others ??? Sounds like CD Changer is trying to load the disk.

Thanks for the help.

97 Discovery

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There are 2 drain tube but I beieve they are at the front of each sun roof and yes they do get plugged up. Does the leaking corner of the sun roof pull down all the way when closed?
Mike J.
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