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Returning Rover
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I sent an email to Fabtech. Fabtech's response is below;

From: Armen Mosikian [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014 3:42 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Fabtech post on Evoque

Fabtech has never offered a kit for this model vehicle, I have no idea what this link is all about?
Thank you

Armen Mosikian
Tech Manager

Fabtech Motorsports
4331 Eucalyptus Ave
Chino, Ca. 91710
Fax 909-597-7185

disco biscuit
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Hopefully to do cool land rover **** with it. When'd everybody start talking people out of lift kits round here. I'm sure the LR3 was considered luxury compared to my disco II but I'm glad to see em with lift kits. I was lookin for a 4x4 when I bought mine, first thing I done was run it down a pipeline. All the people I know thought I was crazy for testing out this new to me 4x4…...I told em **** I think they're supposed to be made for that. I paid for it with my money, I'll run into a damn tree if it suits me. I suggest everyone else do what they want with whatever they buy.

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Disco Biscuit wrote: I told em **** I think they're supposed to be made for that

I think not. Two weeks ago I was a spotter at a Dealership Wheels Eevent half the Evoques there couldn't climb a fairly simply gravel covered hill, the other half turned around.
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