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Looking for a little assistance for my 97 Disco I.

Noticed that my tail lights / brake lights were out. Pulled both bulbs - both were burnt out. Lamps dark, etc. Lamps were relatively new. Note - I have had to replace a bad brake pedal switch - might have shorted lamps. Not sure.

Replaced the lamps and now brake lights work but tail lights do not work.

Purchased new lamp carriers and cleaned up connections on the light assembly. Still no tail lights.

So then I noticed that when I have the headlights switch on - position 2 - the headlights come on but the tails do not - neither do the license plate lights.

When I turn head light switch one click - driving lights, the tail lights and license lights work!

So position 1 works, position 2 only lights the head lights.

Also - if I leave the switch in pos-1 with the car off, I get the tone that tells me I left the lights on. If I put it in pos-2 - the headlights work but no tone.

I took the headlight stalk switch out and cleaned it out with contact cleaner and reassembled. Still no tail lights in position 2.

I have ordered another light stalk switch and will install when it comes in. But in the mean time, is there something else to look at? Is there a relay that could be bad?

Also note - I noticed a few weeks ago that the dash lights did not come on at night once. When I played with the stalk switch a little, they came on.

Everything points to a bad switch I think but if anyone has another idea I would welcome it. Its a day time disco only until I sort this all out.

Thanks as always!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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