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I live in Roanoke, VA. One Rover dealership, and zero "land rover certified" shops besides the dealership. However there is a shop down the road from me that sells itself as "Roanoke's Premier Luxury Import Automotive Repair Shop" and had a giant Land Rover sticker in the window, beside all the other brands they fix...

All I really wanted done at this point was sombody with a rover code reader or abs amigo to begin to troubleshoot my recent 3 amigo's.

I pull in and ask the first mechanic if they have experience with Rovers. He asks me what year, and I tell him 01. He asks what the problem is, and I tell him I have the 3 amigos. He replies right away that I need a new ABS modulator, come back wed.

I really would love to have one shop that knows what they are doing that doesnt just buy new parts and hope they work. (I'm the same guy that ended up paying nearly 1000.00 on a crank position sensor replacement..)

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Option #3 ; figure it out yourself and tell the overpriced mechanics to um, get stuffed. Land Rovers were built for the owners to spin their own wrenches. There are youtube videos, and other forums like this one that can offer photos to help you. The three amigos need not be super expensive to sort out.
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