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Hi all - new here to the forums. I just bought my Discovery (03, SE) and I'm having a door locking issue. I've done a little browsing of the forums, but haven't quite seen anything that quite answers my question yet.

I bought this 03 obviously used and did so knowing that the remote on the key didn't work. The shop I bought it from had changed out the starter and it was now a different key than the door. In any event, I've been using the key to unlock and lock the doors old school (put it in and turn).

This morning after getting to work and getting out, I couldn't lock my doors. I put the key in and I can't lock or unlock. The key inserts, turns left and right and nothing happens. No clicking, or catching, or sound of any sort. Using the lock/unlock button on the dash will lock and unlock all doors except the drivers. Does this mean I've got a dead actuator in the drivers door?

Any ideas?

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There is a pin that goes from the key cylinder to the lock actuator. It looks like a nail with the head cut like a Phillips screwdriver head. They are available from AltanticBritish or RoversNorth for 25.00 or so, also Falconwerks makes a nice but expensive alternative 85.00. I made mine from a 40d nail,(some have used a 20d). I removed the door cover, then the door handle and fished out broken pieces. The lock pin is held in the door handle by a roll pin. I cut the nail the same length and drilled the pin hole 5/32" if I recall. I then used a dremel tool and cut the nail head to match the head of the broken pin. (Making sure the hole lined up the same as on the pin,if not the pin will not fit into the lock actuator in 12:00 position). I had to grind just a very small amount off the circumference of the area around the pin hole so it would fit into the door handle and pressed in the roll pin. When I reinstalled the door handle, had a key in the lock to turn slightly left and right so the pin could find its rightful place in the actuator.
Success and costed me a few dollars compared to 25.00+.
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