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Long cold start

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2009 LR2: Over night on a cold start it easily takes 6 seconds to start and when it starts warm is 2 seconds max (normal). The engine runs perfectly otherwise. My thought is the fuel rail is loosing pressure when the engine is off (haven't tested it yet). Either a fuel injector (not likely) is bleeding down or the check valve in the fuel pump is (likely source). Could there be another source? Fuel regulator? Fuel pressure sensor? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Bob (new to the form):)
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Just a follow up, I haven't gone into the dealer to get things checked out but the issue is erractic at best. Some starts are quick (even over night) while others are longer in duration, not sure why. I initially was thinking the fuel pressure was bleeding off but now I'm not so sure. Would a cam or crank sensor feed into this problem. All of my preivous cars are traditional key starts, this is my 1st push button I over thinking this?
Are there any warning lights? Do you have a code reader? How old is your battery and have you checked the voltage?

When I had my LR2, a weak battery caused a couple of service issues. Charging the battery didn't help. The battery had to be replaced!
No warning lights and I replaced the battery a month ago. The only time I didn't start was when the battery gave up and that happened a month ago. I'll say 3 weeks after the new battery things became erratic. At 1st I could count on a long crank cycle when the car sat over night / next day. But now that is not the case, otherewise the engine runs smooth and I'm getting 24+ mpg highway on a regular basis. Before I go to the dealer I would like to give them more to go on.
You may have seen this. Similar to your problem with 2 solutions. One leans towards the fuel pump. The other, a warm weather warm restart software update download, which is new to me.

Problems Starting Land Rover LR2 - Car Forums at
Thanks for the link, it is very helpful. When I get in for service I will mention the software upgrade! I'm sure I need the upgrade.
Final episode, dealer replaced fuel pump (fuel was bleeding off fuel rail, internal check valve failed in fuel pump). Cost $1500 (ouch!) (unit was $708 and labor $700+ and a check to the governor). If there is a next time I would do it myself (remove exhaust, drive shaft and lower tank). Even if it took me all day it would be worth saving $800. Live and learn!
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