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Sorry these pictures are now 3 months old, but for various reasons I have only just been able to get them off the camera.

These are from the Land Rover Owner International Show at Greater Malvern (that's the magazine commonly known as LRO). It was the first show I actually took my Landy to, and thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days I spent there.

Sorry if you've seen any similar pictures already.

PS- The camera sustained some damage before the show (part of the reason for the delay), which explains the annoying fuzzy patch near the centre of the picture.

Here we are with camp all set in the middle of a sea of Land Rovers. Heaven.

A pair of very nice Series IIAs, both V8 powered.

Series III 'Stage One' 109V8 HCPU. I want it!

Expedition-prepped Disco Series I Tdi. I wish ours looked like this!

I've seen this plenty of times before, but it's my dream Land Rover, so here it is again- 1980 Series III 109 SW.

Left-Right: 101 Forward Control, Quad-Trac converted Defender 110 200Tdi, SIII 109 SW, SI 80-inch.

1972 Darien Gap Range Rover

Land Rover had brought along there portable off-road course- the 'Terra Pod', and had a fleet of Disco 3s and RRSs going round it.

There was the traditional 'race-against-the-clock' mechanical challenge. This year- change a Series III bulkhead in 72 hours.

An Ibex (Defender-based competition-spec off-road machine) was showing off its prowess, driving over old cars.

The magazine staff had there Landys on display- here is a 2001 Defender 90 and a 1957 Series I 88.

Best-looking Disco 3 I've seen yet- G4 2006 vehicle.


96-inch wheelbase, 6-inches off the rear overhang.

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Great pics....wish I was there...I love all the rovers.... I need to borrow the one on tracksfor the winter... LOL..great post
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