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Hello all from Adam in NYC (1996 Disco I w/ 91k miles)

I am been on a quest for finding a decent OBD-II reader that would also work with me whenever the CheckLight turns on. I have seen some readers but I have been looking for one that would not make a huge dent in my wallet. I currently run around with an Actron CP9135 OBDII Autoscannr I picked up from the local PepBoys for $100.In hindsight, I wish I had the CP9145 which stores data.I like the newer ones that store the various data when you are driving around.

In fact, it could solve the little Lucas gremlin I have now. It seems that every 100 miles or so the CheckEngine Light illuminates and all I have to show for it is a P0130 code (check O2 sensor 1, bank 1).I already swapped out the old with another o2 sensor (It is the big square Lucas one that costs $650)and the error still comes up but infrequently. I just for now whip out the OBDII reader, read it and erase the error code. That also helps with keeping the gas bill down. I can even tell when the light is about to turn on. It usually happens when there is a transition from city stop-and-go to highway speed or when you are just starting out and the truck is feeling heavy, with no go. It then clears up and then a moment later the amber light turns on.

What tools if any have you fellows and gals been using?

BTW, there are quite a few sites regarding OBDII and enhancement tools for the LandRover, here there are: Nothing for Disco I but Disco II Outfit in Cyprus making standalone and PC based OBD II for LR

All derived from this Google search:

Lets hear from you dudes,

from Adam, Doing the research :drive:
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