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Hi all i am looking for advice on my electronic fuel injection control unit. here is what i did as a test and i want to make sure this is the problem? Well my passenger side cylinders were not getting any fuel so in terms the injectors were not working or putting fuel in the cylinders. So what i did was take my new injectors and test them on the other side to make sure they were pulseing like they should and they did but on the passenger side i got nothing so this tells me they are not putting fuel into the engine. either the wiring is dead or something like that but i did a test on the wiring itself and it tested ok???? so i am running on 4 cylinders lol right now. Does anyone have any ideas of what is the problem?? Could it be the electronic fuel injection control unit or is it something a little simpler then that?. plain in simple i am not getting any fuel on the passenger side of the engine. help plzzzz. before you all ask the timing is correct,there is spark, the fuel pressure is good, just not giveing any fuel on that side at all. i am gonna be drinking allot of beer after this is done with heheh.

Thank you
George :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

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Fuel Injection

Your still having the same problem with this beast ,huh.
You say fuel press, spark,timing,injector wiring is ok.
If you suspect the pass side injectors are not getting fuel, with engine off
pull out the injectors from the rail and you should see some fuel come out
if it is dry you must have a blockage in the rail on that side. If fuel is in the
rail, i would recheck the wiring to that side, you say there is voltage to that
side, is it pulsing?. I would use a noid lamp.

I am convinced, these trucks are possessed.

Why wait till it's done DRINK NOW i do
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