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Looking for Some Assistance - South Denver Area

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Ordered a new front drive shaft and was wondering if any members in the south Denver area might be available this weekend (June 15/16, 2013) for supervision. It's been years since I worked on a vehicle with four wheels and some timely advice would be cool in exchange for food/drinks. :drink1:

I went the lazy man's route and ordered a shaft (BPUtah) rather than obtaining parts for a rebuild as I figured it would be easier for me. Have some good mechanical skill but am very rusty (used to work on my '65 Mustang, '97 Thunderbird, etc.) and spent a great deal of time on my '02 Buell (Harley engine) but haven't tackled a job like this in some time!

If anyone has some words of wisdom on this job - now would be the time. :help
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Thaty is a great drive shaft.
If you want, PM me your number and I'll call you tomorrow.
Thanks for the message sent my number - let me know if you receive it. I spend an inordinate amount of time on conference calls but can usually be reached via text, e-mail, or online.
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