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Hey guys, new to the board, but it looks like there are a lot of knowledgeable folks on here by looking through the threads. Anyway, here is what I am looking at, and some additional information I've gathered on the vehicle.

-2006 LR3 SE
-77k miles
-It is at the local dealership here as a trade-in
-Dealership has record of the following services:
-Front differential replaced (dealership is doing this as we speak)
-60k and 75k standard service has been completed
-Rear differential is being serviced right now
-There is a body shop ticket at 44k miles. Not sure what this is, but the carfax is clean, so I don't anticipate it being anything major. My sales rep is getting the details

My concerns:
-Given the mileage, I am concerned about the rear differential. Dealer says they inspected while servicing it and that it is fine. Based on what I've read, this thing is at the prime spot for the rear diff to get replaced. How concerned should I be?
-Along those same lines, the control arms have not been replaced either. Again, it seems like the prime mileage for these to be replaced. How concerned should I be?

The price ($17,500) feels about right, especially with it being from a dealer and not a private party sale. That said, I don't want to sink another $4-5k into it 6 months from now when these big-ticket items start to show their face.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have owned a Tahoe, 4runner and Land Cruiser in the past. This would be my first Land Rover, so I am a bit skeptical. Just trying to do my proper due diligence.
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