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Looking to buy a 2004 Discovery

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Hi, I am brand new to this forum. I am considering the possibility of buying a 2004 LR discovery and would like to get some truthful opinions regarding the 2004 specifically. Please post all Positive and negative experiences. I am a little apprehensive as I have come across a lot of negative reviews, but have noticed most are from 2000 and earlier models. And then there is the maintenence aspect.

My past vehicles have been:
1985 Jeep cherokee - First Truck/SUV (used and abused definitely)
1989 Ford F250 - Too much truck at the time (very reliable)
1990 Jeep cherokee - Sold Wanted another truck instead
1993 Ford Ranger - best truck I have ever owned, it was a manual 5 speed which didn't even need a new clutch until 100k, other than the driver's side bearings going out every 10k miles or so (which I learned how to replace and repack myself) This truck ran to 200k before selling it for-
2002 Ford F150 SuperCrew - Currently own - Has been reliable for 33k

Needing to down size in the car territory and my wife doesn't like driving my "big truck" I've always respected LR's and she likes "the way they look" And it will tow and go for summer fun, so here we are.

Please tell me that these are good and reliable :D Ok give me the truth, I hope it doesn't hurt though. And please only owners of 2004's or similar years to this model revision.

Thank you
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Welcome to the family!!!
You bought the "S" model.One good thing about LR is that you can actually fit more accesories on the lung run and make it as equipped as an "HSE". You just have to have a Rave CD, if you do the work yourself and save a lot of bucks, and a used parts supplier, which are readily available.
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