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Loss of power after a swim

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I had the truck out this passed weekend and got into a pretty deep mud hole and the engine stalled out. The air box was just above the water line but when I put the car in reverse I think it threw some water up that got sucked in. The air box had about 1/4 of water in the bottom of it and the bulb on the intake hose probably was a 1/4 to 1/2 full. The air filter of course was completely wet.

Once I got out about 15 minutes later I was able to get the motor to start back up with a little help from the gas pedel. it blew some white smoke for a minute than seem to run fine. Once I got out of the trail and hit the highway I found that when I put the gas pedel to the floor I only was getting about half the power as I should have so it took quite a while to get up to 50mph. once there it seemed to run fine with the rpm's under 2200. With the car in park I can slowly increase the rpms and can get it up to about 4,000 rpms. If I floor it it starts to die out and also sputters.

I figured I had some fouled out spark plugs so I changed those out but still have the same issue.

The engine light is also now on.

Anyone have any idea whats wrong?

And also here is a picture of the truck sunk so you can see how deep it was and maybe give you a indication of what would be effected.

THank you


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Will they honor the warranty more than once? I thought that if you bought one you only got one replacement?
probably did not realize that they stopped putting them in until 04
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