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Loss of power after a swim

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I had the truck out this passed weekend and got into a pretty deep mud hole and the engine stalled out. The air box was just above the water line but when I put the car in reverse I think it threw some water up that got sucked in. The air box had about 1/4 of water in the bottom of it and the bulb on the intake hose probably was a 1/4 to 1/2 full. The air filter of course was completely wet.

Once I got out about 15 minutes later I was able to get the motor to start back up with a little help from the gas pedel. it blew some white smoke for a minute than seem to run fine. Once I got out of the trail and hit the highway I found that when I put the gas pedel to the floor I only was getting about half the power as I should have so it took quite a while to get up to 50mph. once there it seemed to run fine with the rpm's under 2200. With the car in park I can slowly increase the rpms and can get it up to about 4,000 rpms. If I floor it it starts to die out and also sputters.

I figured I had some fouled out spark plugs so I changed those out but still have the same issue.

The engine light is also now on.

Anyone have any idea whats wrong?

And also here is a picture of the truck sunk so you can see how deep it was and maybe give you a indication of what would be effected.

THank you


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Another thing to add. The Mass Air Flow sensor was Really dirty with dirty water. I wiped it off (in retrospect probably not a good idea) but have yet to spray it with MAF cleaner.

In the past for MAF failures on other cars I just unplugged the MAF and if the car ran better it was the MAF...

I unplugged the MAF and started it up. It was cold so it was at about 1300 Rpms. I hit the gas and it died out. Started it back up idleing fine. Hit the gas again and RPM's went all the way to redline no problem than when I let off it dies out.

Only seems to die out when I floor it and let off quickly.... Going to try to clean the current one and hope I don't have to replace it but would you agree there is something wrong with the MAF? Maybe something else also?.
MAF got ordered this morning. $58 on amazon... Bought the MAF cleaner but didn't seem to help anything.

I do want a snorkel but its hard to throw $500 into a car that only cost me $3500 and to tell you the truth I would rather buy a different one to put $$ into because I'm not real happy with how it does without lockers. Didn't realize it didn't have lockers when I bought it.
Got the New MAF yesterday and she came back to life.

Diffs defiantly need to be checked and even if there is no water in them should probably be changed as I have no idea when it was ever done. Oil I checked onsite and looks fine but I will likely change it out anyway.

When you say the whole intake do you mean the whole plastic tube assembly or the actual metal intake that is mounted to the heads? I took off the whole tube. There is a bulb on the bottom side of it that was filled partly with water but I hosed everything out and got as much water as I could out.

Gotta hose out the belts and pulleys really good. There is a bit of a wining I hear that I have heard from truck in the past from a good soaking.
My side airbox was almost dry until I used the hose to clean it out Got most of the water out of it but can hear a bit still sloshing in it.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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