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Hey everyone,

I've managed to lose both sets of keys to my 2018 Discovery Sport. I do have the Land Rover "remote" app, so I can unlock and start my car.

With no key fob in sight, can I drive it without it going into lock down mode? If so, how far? How many times?

My wife left me in the car and took the key with her once, while it was running and I drove it for about 1 km before I got the key back, but it was started with the key and was driven with the key in it before she left with it. That's my only experience, not enough to go by.

It's currently parked at SeaTac (USA) airport, 250km from my home in Vancouver, Canada.

I've got a quote from the dealer closest to the airport for US$5200 for new modules and two new key fobs, and it will take weeks to months to get them. That's insane! I've got a quote for US$1650 to tow it to Vancouver, I don't have a quote from them yet to fix it but have heard from them that the only way is to replace the modules and get two new keys, same as the Tacoma dealership.

Is there really no way to program a new key based on the existing car/modules? It isn't in lock down mode yet.

Has anyone ever managed to reprogram a new key without having one to duplicate?
Could an automotive locksmith do this? The dealer clearly can't/won't.

Feeling f'd,
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