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Lost my keys!!2000 Disco Help please lol

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First of all I am new here so hello.

Now down to business, I was in a hurry leaving to ride my dirtbike today and I left my keys tucked into my pants. Long story short I lost my keys.
Ive already backtracked my tire tracks and Im giving up.

Have any of you ever lost your keys, and dealt with this situation and ready to give me some advice on how to get a new key without 1) getting ripped off and 2) had to deal with the alarm going off. My mechanic said I need to order a electronic something or other from Land rover (how much R those?), and that I can get the reg key portion done by a reg locksmith.
Any tips..........
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Hey there Hail. Welcome to the Forum :wave:

Ok, the key for the 2000 D2 is a key/remote correct. Either way, you can fine Blank Keys on ebay. I got my remote ( i have a D1 where the key and remote are seperate ) so look on there...the only thing you would end up paying a hefty amount on is the programming of the new remote and getting the new key cut. If anyone else knows of any other method, lets help sharky out :drink1:
If the image is in your computer, when posting, scroll down to where it says "Manage Attachments" and as long as the image meets size reqs. it will upload. Otherwise, if your image is on an online photo album like <lots of us use that simply copy the image tag onto the text field ( area were you type when posting ). You should check out photobucket can upload all your images onto there and wont have to worry about the space on your comp.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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