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Loud grinding/screeching noise and vibration

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Hey everyone,

As the title says, theres a loud grinding / screeching noise coming from my 2007 LR3 HSE. When I turn in any direction the loud grinding / screeching noise kicks in and theres tension and vibration from the steering wheel. Also when I brake a bit hard the noise and tension starts. Lastly, when I go over bumps or uneven road, the grinding and screeching noise gets loud.

It originally was very faint, and now its incredibly noticeable. I'm afraid to drive my awesome truck, so much so that I rented a car in the mean time while I try to figure out the problem.

Also when I brake and the screeching and grinding happens, sometimes the truck has a jolt in acceleration.

This is some scary stuff and any help and advice would be a life saver. I'm afraid to take it to a mechanic and get shafted on all kinds other issues. Fellow Rover owners who have experienced and solved this problem is my most trusted resource.

Thanks in advanced! :wave:
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Keep us posted, it could be any number of things, or combination of things.
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