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Loud Knock when wire "removed"

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Hey guys, I have a loud knock in the lower part of the engine. Thinking it could be the rod bearings I started pulling the wires one at a time to see if the knock would go away. Yet, when I pull the number 1 wire, the knock gets really loud and pronounced:

IMG 4882 1 - YouTube

Any idea what this could be?
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Yes, quit running the engine. How mechanical are you?
have air tools and mechanical. Slipped Sleeve? I have the pdf to pin
It's not a slipped sleeve, your looking at connecting rod bearing and or possible crank bearings.
Mike, it was my understanding the pulling the wire off the cylinder with a bad rod bearing would cause the noise to stop? In my case, when I pull the wire the knock gets considerably louder?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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