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I think I have exhausted my search with no real solution for my problem. My wife's 08 v6 LR2 has had the intermittent cold starting issues with HDC faults and this past summer I replaced the battery which seemed fix the issues until recently. She reported a few weeks ago after highway driving that the car hesitated to start but would eventually turn over with no fault codes or error messages. 2 weeks ago she went out to start the car after a significant rainstorm and reported it crank briefly and then nothing. She drove off in my LR3 while I was left to ponder the situation. I plugged my Blue Driver into the OBD2 port with nothing unusual to report. Lights, radio, instruments all appeared to light up and work. However when I went to turn the car over, nothing. No clicking of the starter, just a subtle click from the gear shifter. We then left for vacation for a week and returned yesterday. I figured if anything got wet it would be dry now and maybe start but no luck. I even tried to charge the battery for a few hours and even disconnected the negative terminal for a minute with no change in the results. The battery is reading 11.8 v when taken at the terminals and 12.8 volts when taken through the OBD2 port device.
I get no error codes or faults and for the first time a bit stumped. This car has been a real easy ownership since new. 72K and regular maintenance only required until now. I had it towed to the dealer for further inspection and a software update ( it has not sen the dealer in 7 years). Anyways I would be happy to hear any of your thoughts and will report back once I have the issue fixed. I see this is a common problem but no real solution from what I can tell.
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