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Hello everyone!

Recently I upgraded from 1998 Discovery to a 2006 LR3 with the famous and infamous electronic air suspension. Few month later, my new ride gives me an "AIR SUSPENSION FAULT" at the crank or a few minutes after I start driving. The fault always goes away after a soft restart (engine off, system check, engine on).

I am not new to Land Rovers, but I am new to LR3 with all the sensors and air suspension. I spent many hours researching this problem online and it seems like my Landy came up with something new.


#1 ) "AIR SUSPENSION FAULT" at start or after a few minutes of driving on a low speed (under 20mph) every 3-4 start. Only once it popped at 45 mph with immediate warning to slow down to 25-30 mph or under.

#2 ) My LR3 would go to an OFF ROAD SUSPESION MODE with no problems. However, when I am trying to go back to NORMAL HEIGHT it would raise my Landy to an EXTENDED SUSPENSION MODE with the suggestion to reset VECHICLE HEIGHT WHEN CLEAR OF OBSTICLES. It seems like the car thinks there are obstacles that restricts her to lower down. Usually, after a few attempts to put it back to a normal (middle) height everything is fine.

#3 ) My LR3 would not go to ACCESS/ CRAWL MODE at all. Immediate "SUSPENSION FAULT. ALL SPECIAL PROGRAMS OFF" message.

Here is the outcome of my trouble shooting:

1) Battery check. Good. Above 12.6 V. Alternator raises voltage as it should.

2) Brake lights checked and replaced.

3) Air suspension relay replaced. Still the same issues.

4) No leaks from air springs. I disabled EAS for 24 hours by pulling the F3 fuse. No leaks.

All 4 lower control arms look worn, but not too bad.

The only physical issue with the suspension that I found was the right rear spring is 0.5 inch lower from the rest at normal or extended height.

Any ideas anyone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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An update for those who is facing a similar issue with the air suspension. So I rebuild my air compressor using one of those kits they sell on amazon and ebay. It's been a few weeks with quite a few road trips and zero issues. I replaced the desiccant and all the filters in the dryer and the O-ring on the piston. The old desiccant was like powder and I believe it was the main problem and the reason I had the caution popping. It probably didn't let the air through. Also, the piston on my compressor moved a little too freely. So after I replaced the o-ring, it got much tighter and smoother. My vehicle raises and lowers itself faster and much more even. The front used to go down first, and then the back. Now it is even and smooth. Keep in mind, those rebuilding kits are only for the original Hitachi compressors. I highly recommend this product. It doesn't come with the instructions, but there are very detailed videos on youtube on how to do it.

Hope it helps.

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Cool, glad you took the time to share this.

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No joke resolution to a issue is a rare thing to see posted.

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Thank you. Ive had very similar issue recently on a long drive back from Wyoming.
Red suspension fault at 85 MPH is no fun, but I was able to soft reset on the fly by going into neutral, key off/on, back to drive.
Error would clear, suspension message "raising slowly" until it was back at normal"ish" height.
Limped it home by doing that roughly 30 times over 600 miles.

I did a bunch of the diagnostics you wrote about (before I read this thread), but haven't tried to disable EAS to check for bag leak.

Other indications/ symptoms include:

normal height mode - front end visually lower than rear.
select access mode - no issue dropping - front end still appears slightly lower.
select back to normal height - compressor slow to raise front, rear raises fairly quick.
select off road height - after a minute or two, truck enters extended mode and asks to be reset, but 4x4 screen still shows ride height at normal.

occasionally at stop lights - truck will be in normal and send message that its going into extended mode and ask to be reset, height selector switch will show flashing down arrow, so I click it down, and truck enters access height (also shown on screen). the truck never made it out of normal height but thought it was in extended confusing.

I have been thinking there is a leak in front bags but wasn't sure how to diagnose.

I didn't know about the EAS test by pulling fuse. Ill research that test. I assume you raise to full height (if I can get mine there), pull fuse, and check next day for any significant drop.

Long story, for a short thank you.

Hoping I can just to the rebuild, since the compressor was replaced only two years ago. Ill verify the hitachi make.

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I am surprised it is a rare thing to see problem resolutions on this website... I thought it is the main idea behind it - to share knowledge and help each other not to get ripped off by a dealership.

Yeah, hearing that "ding" and the red air suspension light popping at 85 mph is not something you want to see. I've been there too. My vehicle's air suspension caution light went out of control a few months after I started this thread. I had it popping left and right without any logical sequence. Very frustrating. I was kind of shooting from the hip when I decided to rebuild my compressor. My logic before was if I hear it working and buzzing its got to be fine. So I took the guard cover off of it and realized that it was probably an original Hitachi compressor from 2006.

I still believe I have an original compressor. Hitachi air compressor seems like a pretty solid built part. The only components that are relatively easy to wear out are the rubber O-rings and the desiccant in the dryer. When I was doing my research on LR3 air suspension issues online, I learned that many Land Rover owners just go with the dealership's solution to replace the compressor for a hefty price. It seems to me that the Land Rover dealerships are in a parts changing business, not problem solving.

My advice to any LR3-LR4 owners who are experiencing random EAS cautions, uneven and/ or slow raise or lowering of a vehicle - look at your air compressor. If it kicks in and is pumping air, then check if it has any physical discrepancies like cracked drier,dryer cover, loose wire or loose lines and so on, spend $30-85 bucks on that rebuilding kit before you start swapping relays, parking brake switches, light bulbs and so on. It is cheaper that way...

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Yes, I went to an off road mode and then pulled the fuse and let it sit for a day or two. There is another EAS fuse in front of the passenger side in a leg well area by the way. You will have to take the cover off. Google it for directions.

Also, check your air compressor and google: "LR3 front valve block disassembly". There is a detailed post from a guy who had a "sinking" front. This guy posted an informative thread about changing it. How long does it take for your Landy to get to an off road mode from normal? Mine used to get me to an off road in about 4-6 seconds, but the compressor would keep charging the system for another 2-3 minutes. After I rebuilt it, I go "up" in 2-3 seconds and compressor keeps charging for about 20-30 seconds after. Quite an improvement.

Good luck! Keep me posted!
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