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LR3 bits falling apart?

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All in one weekend I had the following:

• Mechanism broke that folds down seatbelt receiver with 3rd row seat.
• Driver side door moulding popped off
• One auxiliary light stone guard fell off somewhere on the road. I pulled on the other off to see how it was attached and it peeled right off - glued on??
• Rear bumper panel that covers tow point fell off somewhere.

Wishing the LR3 was made by Honda or Toyota. Even my 1997 Mitsubishi Montero didn't have stuff breaking like this even after 14 years.

I do love the vehicle, but really? Anyone know where I can get replacement stoneguards for these lamps? Searched the internet to no avail.
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Rovers require an owner who loves them enough to take care of them during their lifespan. They require parts replacement on a frequent basis and help the owner learn about car care and maintenance to foresee any loss of power or parts. Unlike the above mentioned makes Rovers have set guides in maintenance and cannot be driven until the dash lights come on and see how much farther they can be driven. You will find that all falling parts if on the other makes would not make a difference as it is normal for them to look that way. Rover people take a little more pride in the looks and ride and will look for these things to happen and refasten or replace when needed. Yes bbyer I would call it routine, been doing Rovers for 15 yrs. And again a 9 year old vehicle is not supposed to last forever without continual check-ups. Even humans cannot go that long without something going wrong or falling off or out.
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